Tools for Content Creators: +100 free or paid options to use now in 2020!

Tools for Content Creators: +100 free or paid options to use!

If you’re looking for a list of recommendations tools for content creators, such as bloggers, youtubers, streamers, podcasters or even influencers, you’re in the right place.

All these internet professionals need tools to be able to get their jobs done, perfect them or even automate them.

Much more than a form of help, many of these tools are essential for content creators, and without them the mission of producing material for the internet can become impossible.

Unfortunately not everyone knows the best tools for creators, and end up opting for less efficient or even paid solutions, when in fact there are much better options at no cost.

In order to help these professionals, whether they are beginners or even the most advanced, we have made a super list below with the main tools for creators available today in the market. Check out:

Domain register

Domain registration service

Having your own internet address is an interesting thing for all content creators. You can use a domain to create a professional blog, have a personalized email account, or even make it easy to access your video channel, lives, or podcasts.

To register a domain on the internet you need to use an ICANN certified registrar or a company that has partnered with one. It is important to evaluate all registrars as prices can vary widely as well as availability of terminations.

Checking if the company provides good service, has a positive track record of safety, and has been in the industry for a few years, are also interesting details to note before choosing the registrar in question.

Blogging platforms

Blogging platforms

Currently having a blog is not unique to bloggers, because we are increasingly having to face the problem of rented land, and it is always interesting to diversify their channels with content in multiple formats.

Luckily creating a blog on the internet is not a difficult task these days, especially thanks to the various blogging platforms that exist on the market.

Each platform has its pros and cons, but the feature that can best help you choose is how it works, which can be online or hosted.

Most online platforms are free, have only the basic features, have several limitations, and require little technical knowledge to operate, and are usually aimed at beginners and amateurs alike.

Hosted platforms are considered the best options for those who want to create professional projects, as they have a much greater degree of freedom, have much more advanced features, but require the user more technical knowledge and financial investments (domain + hosting).

Website hosting

Website Hosting - Server, VPS, or Dedicated

If you are a blogger and have opted for a hosted blogging platform such as, you will need to hire a website hosting to get your project online.

Website hosting can also be a great solution for anyone who wants to host podcasts, or for those digital influencers who want to have a website with their online portfolio.

Regardless of your goal, choosing a good website hosting is essential so that your projects do not suffer from problems of speed, instability, security, among others.

It is also worth mentioning that there are different types of website hosting, each ideal for a specific need, having its own positive and negative characteristics.

In short, shared is the most traditional, suitable for small to medium sites, and lay users; specialized ones are suitable for medium or large projects and intermediate users; VPS and dedicated are recommended for large sites and advanced users.

The companies below are the ones we recommend hiring their services. Note that we indicate which type of hosting we are referring to, as many offer the full range of website hosting solutions.

Website monitoring

Website and blog statistics tools

If there is one thing that is extremely important for bloggers on the internet , it’s statistics,  because without this data you have no idea how your project is progressing on the internet.

It’s also important to know how users behave within your site, this allows you to make design adjustments or even the size of your content.

Finally, knowing if your site is online is critical to its success, so monitoring uptime is essential to ensuring that you can take action as quickly as possible in case of problems.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the best ways to get free traffic to your blog or YouTube channel is through search engine optimization techniques, or as it is more popularly called, SEO.

This involves doing keyword searches, checking link referrals, checking website authority, and other processes to get your content in the 1st position of search results.

And to know if this is really happening, you need to constantly check the positions of your content, and luckily there are tools that do this process in an automated way.

  • KWFinder (SEO solutions for websites)
  • Answer The Public (Keyword search on Google and Bing)
  • ( Keyword search on Google, Bing, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • vidIQ (SEO solutions for YouTube Channel)
  • TubeBuddy (SEO solutions for YouTube Channel)
  • SerpRobot (Keyword position checker on Google and YouTube)

Push notifications

Push Notification Tools

With increasingly accessible technology and computers being the 2nd choice when accessing the internet, the future of communication should be 100% focused on mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets.

And quite characteristic of these new times are the notifications we are receiving all the time, which draw our attention far more than any other method of warning.

So having a tool that enables push notifications on your blog or website is extremely important to build customer loyalty and increase your access rates.

Email marketing

Email Marketing Services

Many experts point out that email marketing is nearing an end due to a drop in the use of email for communication. However, for business conversations or for most sign ups it is still quite popular.

It is also worth mentioning that email marketing does not suffer from the problem of rented land or social networking algorithms, once you have that address, it is yours and you could always be getting fired.

What’s more, with email marketing you have more possibilities than other media, you can send attachments or even messages in many different ways, from GIFs to even bold HTML/CSS designs.

Page performance analysis

Page performance analysis and site loading tools

For those who have a website or blog one of the details that should always be under constant attention is the page load time or the speed of the site in general.

This is because pages that take a long time to load hurt SEO, affecting your organic and free traffic. Plus, users alone don’t like to wait forever to be able to access what they want to see.

Ideally, you should have an average of 3s for the full load of your pages, and to see if your project is meeting this goal or not, you need to use a page performance analysis tool.

Live streaming platforms

Lives Platforms (Live Streams)

The lives streaming platforms mainly are responsible for all part of technical infrastructure and dissemination of the live broadcasts of the streamers. And many of them are also the primary income generators for these professionals.

So choosing the right platform for the lives you are working on is critical to having no problems in the future, whether it’s receiving payments, building audience loyalty or even broadcast quality.

One should also think that many platforms are niche-specific, such as gameplay, where most of the audience is young and just wants to see entertainment content.

Overlays, alerts, and bots for lives

Chatbots (live robots)

For many live on the internet just turn on the camera or mirror the computer/TV screen, but if you want to be a professional streamer, you need to give your broadcasts an extra boost.

That’s where some really cool tools come in, such as the ones that overlays or alert the stream, and the bots that allow quick responses or live chat moderation.

In addition, many of these tools bring interesting features to increase engagement with your audience, such as in-person currency, chat sweepstakes, gift roulette, and more.

Video platforms

Online Video Platforms / Video Hosting

To those who call themselves youtubers, the answer to what is the best internet video platform to work on seems obvious. But if you’re a content creator, be aware that there are other options than Google’s service.

Obviously none of these alternatives is still on the same level as YouTube, and some follow somewhat different proposals, but they are viable opportunities to expand your range of activities on the Internet.

Video editing

Video editing software

If you work with video, you have to choose good editing software , as this is an extremely important process to make the end result of your content as good as possible.

But here it is important to pay close attention, each editing software has its own peculiarities, such as learning curve or minimum requirements to work on your computer or mobile device.

Choosing the right editing software for you should also consider the price, there are very interesting free options, and other paid options that operate on single purchase or annual/monthly subscription models.

Podcast hosting

Podcast Hosting

If you do not have a web site of your own but want to promote your podcasts through major distribution platforms, then you will need to use a podcast hosting .

These companies allow you to upload your audio files, and also provide a player so your listeners can consume your content if they are accessing it outside of podcast platforms.

Many of them also show statistics, offer free royalty-free music banks, and have monetization ways that allow the creator to generate revenue from their content.

Podcasting platforms

Podcast Platforms

Just as it works in the streaming market, those who work with audio content also rely heavily on podcasting platforms, otherwise they will not have reach or widespread dissemination of their content.

Fortunately, the largest and most popular platforms on the market are open for anyone to add their content without having to pay or go through complex signups.

Social networks

Social networks

The social networks are one of the most important tools of today to succeed on the internet, either as a digital influencer or any other type of content creator.

With them you can reach audiences, retain them and even direct them wherever you want. It is one of the most important solutions in marketing strategies and organic traffic generation today.

Of course, not everything is perfect, because we are on rented ground full of algorithms and rules. But that’s where most people online are, so it’s important to be present here too.

Social network management

Social network management and automation tools

Not everyone is on every social network, and each social network has its own mode and style of operation. The best thing to do then is to be present on all possible social networks and use a tool that centrally manages them all.

Other benefits of doing this include having access to extra features and more detailed statistics about your social impact, allowing you to adjust your posting frequency or get to know your audience better, for example by maximizing your results.

Image editing

Image Editing Software

At first image editing software can only be useful for digital influencers working on Instagram, for example. But be aware that this software is also essential for all other content creators.

After all images are present in blog articles, are constantly used in videos and lives to illustrate something, and usually are the covers of podcasts.

And just like video editing software, image editing software also has its own operating mode footprint and minimal running requirements. Besides there are free and paid options in the market as well.

Royalty free content banks

Royalty free content banks (images, clips, audios)

One tool that virtually any content creator will use at some point is copyright-free content banks, whether for downloading images, videos or music.

These tools bring together high quality, easily accessible or researchable material, allowing content creators to save time and money, and not to worry about legal issues for copyright infringement.


Instant Communication Software

Whether dealing with team issues, helping with remote content creation, or business contact, communication software is one of the most important content creator tools around.

And on the internet we have options for all purposes and tastes, also available on various platforms and devices, and with free or paid options of use.


Productivity Software / Office Suite

Whether producing scripts, drafts, parts of the final content or even managing the project financially, productivity software is a super useful tool for all types of creators.

In the market you can find the most varied options, available on different platforms, in single options or by application packages, with paid or free distribution.

  • Typora | Markdown Editor (Windows, Linux, and macOS)
  • StackEdit | Markdown editor (Online)
  • Evernote | Notebook (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android)
  • Microsoft Office | Productivity Suite (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android)
  • LibreOffice | Productivity Suite (Windows, Linux, and macOS)
  • iWork | Productivity Suite (macOS, iOS, and Android)
  • Google Docs | Productivity Suite (Online, iOS, and Android)
  • Mindmeister | Mind Maps (Online, iOS, and Android)

File Storage and Sharing

Cloud file storage and sharing

Whether you are a blogger or a digital influencer, at some point you will need to store or share files, even for backups only.

That’s where practical cloud storage and file sharing services come in , save space for your devices, and have a high level of reliability. And luckily most options on the market have a free plan without major limitations.

Professional email box

Professional Email Services

If you have already registered a domain but do not have or do not want to use your website hosting email service, you can opt for a professional email service offered by a third party.

These specialized companies have features designed for the enterprise market, such as larger attachments, high-security messaging, and real-time user collaboration.

Other services such as cloud storage or productivity suite are also typically offered on the same level, which can be a great value for money.


Organization, to-do list, and calendar software

No matter what type of professional you are, without an efficient organization all your processes risk being harmed, which can lead to productivity issues or affect the quality of your content.

So planning is essential, whether it’s producing that blog article, making that video for the YouTube channel, or even posting that story on Instagram.

For that, the good old paper diary, post-it notes or task board can help a lot. But if you want to try something more technological, there are great tools with the same proposals available today.

Other recommended tools for content creators:

Other recommended tools for content creators

In addition to all the other creator tools already presented above, there are a few more recommendations worth mentioning, but they didn’t fit into any of the previous categories. Check out:

  • CloudFlare | CDN, DNS Service, and Website Optimization Tools
  • Brackets | HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. code editor. (Windows, Linux, and macOS)
  • FileZilla | Free, open source, easy-to-use FTP client (Windows, Linux, and macOS)
  • OBS | Application to record videos and make lives (Windows, Linux and macOS)
  • Audacity | Free multi-format audio editor (Windows, Linux and macOS)
  • Piktochart | Editor focused on infographics and presentations (Online)
  • LastPass | Password Manager (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS)
  • Avast | Antivirus with several security modules and free (Windows, Linux and macOS)

With the +100 recommended tools for content creators listed here in this article, we hope we have helped you find a solution that will help you get started or perfect your project on the internet.

And if you know of an interesting option that we don’t mention here on our list, feel free to share with us through the comments below.

Help us also spread this information with more people by posting this article on their social networks or to that friend you need.

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