Mixer Shutdown: Partnership with FB.GG and future of the market!

Mixer will be shutdown and Facebook Gaming becomes Microsoft partner

The year 2020 is being marked by numerous casualties, and the most recent comes from the universe of streamers and streams on the internet: It’s the end of Mixer, Microsoft’s platform for streams.

The statement that caught everyone by surprise, just was not more unexpected than the partnership signed with Facebook Gaming, which will take over the space of the old rival on the internet and on the Xbox.

The Mixer shutdown date has already been announced for July 22, 2020, after which the site will redirect to FB.GG, the apps will stop working and exist in Android or iOS stores.

Now the big question is: What will be the impact of this decision for users, streamers and the market? Check out more details below.

Mixer was not purchased, but closed!

Mixer was not purchased, but closed by Microsoft

Unlike what many are publicizing or thinking happened, Microsoft did not sell the Mixer to Facebook, but closed the platform, as confirmed by Phil Spencer in an interview with Polygon.

That is, Facebook Gaming is not taking over the operation of Mixer, but rather being the alternative option supported by Microsoft, which abandoned its own.

Both streamers and users will not have their accounts automatically migrated to Facebook Gaming, and all Mixer content will be deleted after the closing date.

Facebook Gaming should not adopt Mixer technology

Facebook Gaming should not adopt Microsoft platform technologies

Although Microsoft mentions that it sought Facebook Gaming as a partner instead of investing more in Mixer, the FB.GG platform should not adopt the technology of the old rival.

This can be quite disappointing, both for streamers and users, since everyone will have to adapt to a new platform that is completely different from the old one.

Worse, there are strong criticisms regarding Facebook’s live platform, both in terms of resources for streamers and in terms of quality of use for users.

FB.GG will honor streamers contracts and monetization

Migrated streamers must maintain contracts and monetization on FB.GG

Both Mixer and Facebook Gaming seem to be very involved in making a smooth transition for streamers, especially those who have contracts or participate in some monetization program.

According to the statement from both companies, the benefits granted at Mixer should be honored by Facebook Gaming in the closest possible way.

Emails with instructions on how to proceed with this transition are already being sent to streamers, but if this offer doesn’t interest you, you’re free to look for another live platform now with the Mixer shutdown.

It’s the end of the streams platform that had the most potential

El final de Mixer termina una fase del mercado de streamers

If there was a live platform that could face Twitch’s leadership, it was Mixer, which came up with an extremely competitive proposal from Microsoft for the sector.

Like any newcomer, it is obvious that the beginning of Mixer was marked by problems, bugs and lack of resources. But it didn’t take long for her to develop to the point where she had some of her ideas adopted by rivals.

And with a technology giant behind, who still owned a super popular video game (Xbox), Mixer was the platform for streams that had the most potential to be successful among streamers and users.

It is plausible to see the platform as an entertainment hub for Xbox and Windows gamers, including integrations to make streams more interactive, for example.

Again the problem of rented land on the internet

Problems of rented land on the internet

If you were a streamer at Mixer, and built your entire project focused only on this platform of streams, you should now have a certain fear about the future of your project.

After all, everything you built during your stay on the platform will be erased forever. And even if you go to FB.GG, you will have to start again from scratch.

It is at this moment that the problem of rented land on the Internet stands out, as it is when something of this level happens that many realize that they do not own anything there, but mere virtual tenants.

Let the lesson given by the old saying go: Never put all your eggs in one basket! That is, have a project in multiple channels and retain your audience in each of them, thus avoiding problems like this.

What alternatives to use after the end of the Mixer?

The main alternative live internet platforms

Although Facebook Gaming is being supported as a replacement for Mixer by Microsoft, the trend is that the vast majority of streamers and the public opt for other alternatives on the internet.

The Twitch should be the main choice of the majority, followed by YouTube, both longtime and platforms that have dominated the market before the Mixer.

Many streamers may also end up going to other smaller platforms, like Nimo, in order to get better contracts or monetization than on the main platforms.

Conclusion on the end of the Mixer

The impacts of the Mixer shutdown and partnership with Facebook Gaming

With the shutdown of Mixer, Microsoft gives up on a good bet that he could have given more attention to, but which now goes down in history as a failed life platform.

Despite one less option, the market should not experience strong changes, including Facebook Gaming itself should not become more popular, even with the official support of its former competitor.

Twitch and YouTube were the winners in this situation, both Amazon and Google will benefit much more than the partnership between Microsoft and Facebook.

Thanks Mixer, but you had a lot more to offer yet, you just didn’t have the chance.

Rest in peace: 2016–2020.

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