The Help Creators is a blog focused on helping content creators, are those working in format video (youtubers and streamers), audio (podcasters), text (bloggers) or even images (influencers).

Our goal is to share knowledge and useful information for you who wants to be a professional in this area and have a successful project on the internet.

That’s why we publish content that will meet from beginners to even those who are already more advanced. You will find here several step-by-step tutorials, tips on the most diverse subjects, important news, and other super interesting content.

Who runs the project?

Most of the content published here in the blog and other media of Help Creators are authored by Gustavo Guerra, the founder and CEO of the project.

I’m from São Paulo – SP (Brazil), working as a professional blogger since 2011, with over 1000 original articles written for the internet. In addition to some content in video and audio.

I have extensive knowledge in the areas of technology, marketing, social networks, administration, economics, among others. And I am always looking to learn more or renew myself.

In my spare time I enjoy watching movies and series, and occasionally I also read some books and comics. When I’m not doing any of this, I’m probably playing some game.

How did the idea of creating the Help Creators come about?

Since I was a little tech savvy, and once I got to know the internet, I was fascinated by the possibility that anyone could create a website and share what they wanted.

So soon I started to venture out with some HTML sites that I did alone. Then came the era of blogging, where I met Blogger and later WordPress, platform for which I was fascinated with its possibilities of use.

Later, I began to learn about SEO and monetization, already preparing myself to make money alone with my online projects taking just 15 years of age.

As at that time (and even today, in a way) there was not much content dedicated to helping to train professionals in this new market, so I decided to create my first professional project for educational purposes, the Ajuda Blogueiros (2011-2015).

In this project I passed all the knowledge I had on the area of ​​blogs, from the basic to the most advanced, with simple yet super useful content.

Later, the internet had already evolved dramatically, and now we have several ways to create and distribute content. The most famous are videos (which include lives) and podcasts.

Although I never really got into these new formats, I followed closely the revolution they provoked on the web. They will come up with youtubers, streamers and podcasters.

And also the same problems as before, the lack of projects that really teach the creation of professional projects and success on the web.

Seeing this gap again on the internet, I decided to reactivate my educational project, but this time I wanted to act on a global level, since I realized that it was not only in Brazil that bloggers, youtubers, streamers or podcasters were viewed as a profession devalued.

So I went after an international name that encompassed all the professionals I would help with on my new educational blog. And then came Help Creators, a blog that helps all types of creators.

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If you are well aware, you may have noticed that here in Help Creators we are constantly citing and sharing links from other projects that also carry “Help” or “Help” in the name.

And no, this is not coincidence, but rather intentional. These other projects are also ours, and make up a network of sites called #HelpNetwork (international) or #RedeAjuda (Brazil), where all projects have the same objectives: to help people.

An interesting point of this network is that all of her websites end up complementing each other in some way. Here at Help Creators our focus is creators, who will eventually need to learn how to generate traffic, something we teach in Help In Marketing.

In this way we can address more related issues, fill in the missing information in some content, and still maintain the same editorial line in all projects.